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If you're a Modern NWM and Social Seller working on getting that sought after consistent Instagram board, and want your visual content to pop off the page to your audience-- let me help you with my own personal presets with the FREE Lightroom mobile app!

Six cool-tone presets made to help photos from your mobile phone stand out in the feed, and create a beautiful and cohesive grid to help grow your community and business on social media.

What is included?

You'll get SIX of my favorite presets that have been curated to create a board that are versatile, cool, and collected. Think relaxed and a great way to allow your board to easily transition through the seasons.

1. Ripped Denim-- My favorite preset for a quick edit that mutes brassy tones, and brings out the cool and crisp colors of blue and gray. Perfect for Travel or Lifestyle Bloggers. This is always my first edit option.

2. Sea Glass-- Made to lighten up the photo while slightly bringing out teal and blush tones. Great for whimsical beach shots or brightening poor indoor lighting.

3. Adrift-- Bright and lightly muted. Enhances green hues for water and mixes in a little gray tone. This is my go to when I'm down on the beach!

4. Coastal Breeze-- Think light and airy with crisp and natural colors. It brightens up true colors and is easily versatile with some slight adjustments within the app.

5. Rising Tide-- Probably the most versatile and my favorite edit. This edit evolves with you throughout your feed, and reduces orange and yellow tones, yet enhances cool and platinum gray tones. Perfect for your favorite coffee shots! After Ripped Denim, this is probably my second most used.

6. Thistle-- Love how succulent plants pop in certain feeds? This edit brings out the deep and lush color of green with slight contrast and muted tones. Perfect for natural shots and your favorite potted plants.

The casual instagrammer, blogger, Social Seller or Network Marketer.

Anyone who is looking for a refreshing, cool and relaxed feed.

Keep in mind, lighting is always crucial with photography! These presets work best with good lighting ( not too dark nor too light ), but are completely customizable within the Lightroom App. Little tweaks are all you need usually, and most of the time I can do that in the IG app itself. ;)

You will also get TWO presets.

1. Sun Kissed-- Light and airy with pops of orange and yellow without making your skin look like you bathed in your favorite self tanner from the 90's. Great for fall colors and cozy vibes. So many other presets in this range oversaturate the skin tones, and this one is just enough to look "sun kissed". 

2. Storm Surge-- Moody, and dark. Perfect for the creative who does boudoir, poetry, or who loves the high contrast of black. While I typically do not use this preset in my grid, I personally think it's cool. I like other moody boards on IG and thought it would be cool to create this one just in case anybody else loves the look!

Rotate through the top six presets for that cohesive look in your newsfeed, and have fun with your personal photos with the bonus presets!

You will also get a visual guide as how to download these presets into the FREE Lightroom Mobile App.

Happy Editing!




I have to go over the fine print real quick. Just real quick, I promise!

Because the presets are a digital product, all sales are final and there are no refunds. 

Please do not share, redistribute or sell them as your own. 

Feel free to use these for your personal or professional use.

That is all :)

Have fun editing and curating!

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@alwayslaurenchamberlain Lightroom Mobile Presets

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